New London has a great city clerk and polling staff!

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I went to the American Legion Hall this morning at about 10:30 and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. One woman was coming out as I arrived and the only people in the hall were workers.

There were warning signs to no enter if you were not feeling well. On the floor were markers for people to keep a 6-foot distance between them. I was met by masked and gloved workers but who had smiling eyes. They were very friendly and helpful.

I learned that many people had voted by absentee ballot and next to their names it was listed as issued or returned. Those who had sent them back prior to today were listed as returned. If people received them late, they could just drop them off.

As I left, another person arrived. Clearly these elections have been well publicized with encouragement for people to vote early. But even if people didn’t vote early, there have been considerable efforts to provide safe opportunity to do so.

Thank you to Jackie Beyer, other city hall staff and the many poll workers that have provided the efforts necessary to efficiently get the job done while keeping us safe.

If you haven’t voted yet please do, and thank these people for their hard work.

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