Trail Ambassadors Training

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Volunteer trail ambassadors are responsible for greeting fellow outdoor enthusiasts, educating trails users, giving minor aid in emergencies, trail monitoring, and providing useful information about responsible OHV use on public lands.

If you would like to volunteer here are the requirements.
1. You will need to wear our minimum personal protective equipment, or PPE, at all time whilst performing duties as a trail ambassador.
2. You will need to complete any state based educational requirements. An example would be completing your Wisconsin DNR safety course.
3. You will need to agree to follow our standard operating guidelines.
4. You will need to be active! We encourage you to participate in the program and enjoy the recreation you are representing.
5. You will need to work under a chain of command system.
6. You will always need to be with at least one other certified trail ambassador for any of our duties. This is to ensure your safety as well as the credibility of our program. 

If you have not take the Wisconsin DNR safety course, you can take it online at

You can then apply for additional training to become a trail ambassador.

If you have any questions you can contact us at 920-460-5705.

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