Authorization Not Designation

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It is all in the perceptions, and the use of the words “designation of ATV routes” creates images of crazy “up north” behavior. ‘

We are not asking for the city of New London to turn certain streets into ATV routes, we are asking for authorization to use city roadways. The legal nuance may be small but the perception should be quite different.

This is for grandparents who want to bring their grandchildren to New London on a ride.
This is for residents who just want to get out of town.
This is for business owners who would like to see their business as a destination.

You won’t see very many of us if an ordinance passes, since there is not a large number of riders that would all be riding at the same time. But it would mean a lot to us to know that our activity is accepted; like motor boats on the river and motorcycles on the streets. ATVs and UTVs are not very different from what is already on the road, so please don’t treat us, or our vehicles, as being too different to accept.

2020 proposed ordinance

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