Big Falls Route – 3 hrs

N5844 Buelow Rd, New London, WI 54961, USA23.5 mi, 
Head north toward Buelow Rd138 ft
Turn right toward Buelow Rd85 ft
Turn right onto Buelow Rd804 ft
Turn left onto Crain Rd2.03 mi
Turn right onto County Rd T4.44 mi
Turn left onto Symco Rd4.39 mi
Turn left onto WI-22 S0.775 mi
Turn right onto WI-110 N0.797 mi
Turn left onto Zabel Rd0.974 mi
Turn right onto Ferg Rd2.25 mi
Turn left onto Stoney Ridge Rd0.987 mi
Turn right onto Jossie Rd1.47 mi
Turn right onto Swamp Rd1.28 mi
Turn left onto County Rd Oo/Swamp Rd0.408 miTurn right onto Georgeson Rd1.10 mi
Turn right onto County Hwy E N1.15 mi
Turn left onto County Hwy E N/County Hwy C/County Rd C0.767 mi
Keep right to continue on County Hwy E N/County Hwy C/County Hwy G/County Rd C/County Rd G0.530 mi

111 S Main St, Big Falls, WI 54926, USA28.0 mi 
Head south on County Hwy E S/County Hwy C/County Hwy G/County Rd C/County Rd G toward W Harrison Ave
Continue to follow County Hwy E S/County Hwy C/County Rd C1.30 mi
Turn right onto County Hwy E S1.71 mi
Turn left onto County Rd Oo0.499 mi
Turn right onto Campbell Lake Rd2.60 mi
Turn left onto Stony Ridge Rd0.994 mi
Turn right onto Swamp Rd2.49 mi
Continue onto County Rd K0.961 mi
Turn left onto County Hwy N4.53 mi
Turn right onto N Bridge St/County Hwy N0.505
Continue to follow N Bridge St1.00 mi
Continue straight onto E Howard St0.481 mi
Turn left onto Butternut Rd1.29 mi
Turn right onto County Rd O1.93 mi
Turn left to stay on County Rd O95 ft
Slight right onto Doud Rd0.779 mi
Turn left to stay on Doud Rd1.06 mi
Turn left onto Otto Rd0.383 mi
Turn right onto Allen Rd1.02 mi
Turn left onto Collier Rd0.640 mi
Continue onto Church Rd2.99 mi
Turn left onto Buelow Rd0.352 mi
Turn right85 ftTurn right
Destination will be on the right75 ft